The init command is used to create a new templated project in the current directory.


See Templates for available project templates.


dashtools init <project name> [project template] [--directory <alternate destination directory>]

File Structure#

The newly created project will look something like this:

AppName              [1]
│-- Procfile
│-- requirements.txt [2]
│-- runtime.txt
└── src
    |-- assets/      [3]
    |-- containers/  [3]
    |-- components/  [3]
    └-- data/        [3]

[1] Project can be named anything [2] Created during deployment [3] Not included in all templates


Create a new project named “My-Favorite-App” (app name can be any valid directory name) in the current directory:

dashtools init My-Favorite-App

Create a new project using the “multipage” template:

dashtools init My-Favorite-App multipage

Create a new project using the “multipage” template in the “apps” directory:

dashtools init My-Favorite-App multipage --dir apps